An experienced team working with numerous healthcare providers providing professional compliance and contract management advice

Why Use us

  • 100% CQC and HIW inspection pass rates

  • 100% CQC Registered Manager interview pass rate

  • 100% CQC and HIW registration application pass rate
  • CQC Registered Manager interview pass rate

  • High-quality consultancy service

  • Experienced in managing and resolving Commissioner contractual issues at a local level, including supporting practices in their requests to incorporate, resolve any underperformance claw-back issues and practice re-locations

  • Successfully supported practices to demonstrate compliance with the 10 data security standards of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit

Who Are We?

Healthcare Compliance Ltd is an all-encompassing and high-quality consultancy service which provides a range of services focusing on compliance and contractual regulatory matters. Our vision is to support Practices to achieve best practice compliance, and for Practitioners with contractual issues, provide support, advice and guidance to understand the Commissioners expectations, to avoid further action.

The Directors have a wealth of experience within the quality assurance, compliance, contractual and financial management and commissioning of NHS and Private Healthcare Services.

More Details

We are passionate about using our compliance and commissioning expertise to support the healthcare profession, whilst also maintaining quality of service and delivering value for money.