About Us

Director – Richard Wood

Richard’s specialty is in financial management, development and practice management. Richard has over 20 years in-depth experience in finance and commissioning NHS and Private Healthcare services.

He is also one of the co-Directors of Ascend Tendering Ltd, a nationwide dental and healthcare management consultancy service, which has become established as one of the market leaders in procurement and NHS contractual matters.Prior to setting up Ascend Tendering Ltd with his co-Director, Emma Childs, Richard held the position as Associate Director, Primary Care Development and has extensive experience in supporting and commissioning services for Primary Care Dentistry and Medical Services, ranging from large corporates to single-chair practices.

Richard also sat on the national groups regarding the proposed NHS Dental Contract, and set-up the Somerset Local Professional Network Pilot.He has also successfully supported Healthcare Providers to benefit from the relief of business and contractual pressures. Richard has also lectured nationally at the Orthodontic Specialist Group Meeting regarding NHS tendering, financial management and the commissioning process

Director –Emma Childs

Emma’s speciality is in achieving CQC and HIW best practice compliance, managing any NHS contractual matters and contract tendering. Emma has achieved a 100% pass rate in supporting practices with the CQC inspection and the CQC Registered Manager interviewtraining. Emma hasalsosupported She has also successfully organised and co-ordinated multiple clinical governance events on behalf of different network groups.

Emma is experienced within the public and private sectors concentrating her efforts on business market research, building a solid lead base of prospective customers, developing and maintaining internal and external business relationships.

Emma is also the co-Director at ‘Ascend Tendering Ltd’ and has supported numerous clients across the country in winning £10million+, 5-10 years contracts.

In 2017, Emma lectured nationally at the Orthodontic Specialist Group Meetings in London to circa 200 Specialists regarding NHS tendering and the commissioning process.