Mock CQC inspection

We were contacted by a dental practice to undertake a mock CQC inspection. They were keen for us to perform a mock CQC inspection of their premises and processes in accordance with the CQC key lines of enquiry so that we could give them an honest appraisal and highlight areas that may need more work. The visit was scheduled for two weeks’ time. The practice was then contacted by CQC who advised that they would be visiting in one week’s time. We agreed to bring forward our visit in order to agree an action plan for them to implement to be fully prepared for the CQC inspection.


We visited the practice as arranged and by the following day, we had provided the practice with a comprehensive action plan identifying the areas needing attention with proposed solutions. In some areas we supplied or created what they needed. We arranged another visit to the practice two days before the CQC inspection to re-visit the action plan and ensure everything had been completed. This involved providing advice on what they had implemented and what remained to be done. We provided mock CQC interview training for the team including a walking tour around the practice to support them on the areas they felt less confident about.  


The team overall felt the CQC inspection went well and was overall a positive experience. They said they had fundamentally benefited from our support and advice to take them through this process.


The Principal Dentists expressed an interest in wanting to move their current CQC compliance system onto an online platform and were keen to discuss this service further with our company. Therefore, we agreed to set out a proposal of how we could develop and support an online CQC compliance management system for a confident approach to future CQC inspections and ongoing best practice.