CQC Mock Inspections

We have undertaken multiple dental services practice CQC mock inspections, all of whom have gone on to pass their official inspections. We attribute our 100% pass rate to our focus on each individual practice’s needs.

Our CQC mock inspections covers the following:

  • Opening a new dental practice.
  • Rectifying CQC inspection offences or enforcement notices.
  • Preparation for an upcoming inspection (including the Transitional Monitoring Approach).
  • Ensuring your practice fit-outs are compliant.
CQC Mock Inspections

Prior to our mock inspections, we review the specific needs of the practice and issue a bespoke Practice Preparation Checklist. We will undertake a thorough on-site review of the practice as part of the mock inspection. This includes a review of your practice policies, audits, risk assessments, decontamination room compliance, patient safety checks, mock interviews with your team, CPD staff training, information governance and clinical governance protocols as well as recruitment and induction checks. More recently we now include within our mock CQC practice inspections a review of your COVID-19 safe working practices.

Post practice visit we will develop and issue you with an outcome report which provides a detailed best practice gap analysisof where your practice is demonstrating compliance, best practice suggestions (e.g. CQC notable practice) and where improvements are required.

Our CQC mock practice inspections can also be delivered via a webinar format, which provides you with more flexibility to notinterfere with your day-to-day business operations.