NHS/ Private Practice Acquisition Appraisal

Acquisitions can be complex, particularly if you are purchasing aPractice where specific NHS KPI contract due diligence is required. We have worked with former Associates acquiring practices for the first time as well as Principals looking to expand. Prior to any acquisition, we undertake aPractice Acquisition Appraisal in order to avoid any post-purchase clinical issues or contract underperformance potentially impacting on the buyer.

We focus on:

  • KPI’s performance.
  • CQC compliance.
  • NHS contract management.
  • Best practice gap analysis.
  • Potential risks and risk management.
  • Summary conclusions.

We will then produce an appraisal evaluation report to inform the acquisition decision. The benefit of our report is that it will provide details of any potential contract performance or KPI management issues before you invest any more financial resources.

NHS Private practice acquistion appraisals