Practice Management

Practice Management Support

The Directors have worked in many practices across the country, coaching and supporting different Practice Managers. Our one-to-one Practice Manager coaching, and training sessions focus on increasing productivity and time-efficiency by replacing daily firefighting with successful team leadership.

Company Services – Practice Management

One-to-One Practice Manager Coaching

Practice Managers play a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality care and improved patient outcomes. Our coaching encourages Practice Managers to involve their whole team and delegate responsibilities. This not only supports the daily running of the practice but also ensures CQC and HIW compliance. To understand your practice fully and what you would like to improve or change, we will organise a first meeting with you either onsite at the practice, offsite or via a webinar for an informal discussion or at the practice. With extensiv e practice management experience and interaction, we will work with you to agree a strategy to achieve a work-life balance.

Team Development

Within a busy practice patient environment we believe it is vital that all team members are involved in running the practice. By allocating all team members a few individual tasks, you will not only relieve pressure from the Principal and Practice Man ager, you will also encourage responsibility and empower team members. We will support the practice in empowering and developing th e team through group staff training such as the role of the CQC and sharing duties as well as 1:1 review, appraisals and setting business objectives with agreed targets in personal development plans to support the running of the business.