CQC Compliance Practice Set-up

Implementing a CQC compliance system into a practice is comprehensive, time-consuming and potentially overwhelming challenge. In particular when you need to ensure that all of your compliance paperwork is correct, accurate and up to date.

CQC Compliance Practice set-up

The implementation of an effective CQC compliance system needs to be undertaken in a practical manner, so it can be managed and maintained by the team in the long-term. A good CQC compliance system needs to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Our practice compliance set-up will include implementing your practice policies, risk assessments, audits, governance, CPD training, infection control, radiography, medical emergencies, safeguarding, COVID-19 safe-working practices, patient safety and information governance etc.

The first steps are starting with an agreed timeline and action plan to address and apply in-house the different key compliance tasks. This will be followed with email, telephone, webinar support and an on-site inspection to sign off the final implemented compliancesystem.