HIW Registration Application – Independent Healthcare Services

It is a requirement for independent healthcare services to be registered with HIW (Healthcare Inspectorate Wales) as per the Care Standards Act 2000. HIW must be satisfied that your application adheres with ‘The Independent Health Care (Wales) Regulations 2011’ and the ‘National Minimum Standards for Independent Healthcare Services in Wales’.

Our comprehensive service will provide you with support in preparing and completing the following documents:

  • Application to register with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Patient Guide.
  • Index of policies and procedures.
  • (If applicable) Vary or remove an existing condition of your registration.

*** Note –DBS checks and references are also required.

HIW Registration Application – Independent Healthcare Services

The completion of the comprehensive paperwork for the HIW registration can be a time consuming and lengthy process, which is why we work with our clients to break this process down into individual steps and produce on your behalf a high-quality final application. You want to avoid the risk of any application being rejected placing further delays on your registration and launching your service.