Managing Contractual Matters

Our team at Healthcare Compliance Ltd has a wealth of experience in managing NHS commissioning and contractual matters, with one of our Directors being a former Associate Director for Primary Care Development.

Managing Contractual Matters

NHS Commissioner Dispute Resolution

Where either a Practitioner or organisation has an ongoing NHS contractual issue this normally arises from a communication breakdown resulting from not understanding the language of the NHS Commissioners. The danger is this miscommunication spirals out of controland then a contractual issue arises. At Healthcare Compliance Ltd our service provides support, advice and guidance as early as possible to bring Practices and Clinicians back on track and understand the expectations of the Commissioners.

Our approach has been successful in supporting Providers in such matters to formally address any Commissioner queries. This can include evidencing your service delivery to fulfil your contractual obligations, Vital Signs/KPI performance management and managing patient expectations and appointment lists. The benefit is that the Directors have sat on both sides of the table and have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any matters at a local level and avoid you incurring significant costs in going to court.If you are having an ongoing Commissioner contractualmatter and require support/advice to resolve this then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Managing Contractual Matters

NHS Contracts Practice Re-Location

When you plan to move your existing Practice address to a new location this is usually not an issue providing you follow the right steps. Healthcare Compliance Ltd can provide you with the support and guidance through this process and preparation in advance is key.

Business Plan – Requesting for additional NHS contract activity and waiting list initiatives

Our team are experienced in the preparation and development of a comprehensive business plan delivering the aims and objectives of the Practitioner or organisation.

There are occasions where additional NHS activity may become available or you wish to apply for any known waiting list initiative monies. Healthcare Compliance Ltd can support your company in preparing a business plan to the purchaser. Our range of experience includes requesting additional NHS activity on behalf of dental practices, orthodontic waiting list initiatives and buying out existing patient waiting lists on behalf of secondary care hospitals.